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Taxi advertising in dense urban areas, such as London, Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh and other major markets is an effective way to attract the attention of consumers. Not only do taxis gravitate towards the busiest areas, but they are also at eye-level and have a low CPM. Skina Media have now introduced the taxi advertising to the Isle of Man to help local business grow..



Why Taxi Advertising

The business industry has become more and more competitive. Because of this, it will be very hard for you to survive in the industry if you do not look for innovative and unconventional ways to market your company, products or services. Because of this, the idea of transit advertising was born. A lot of company owners and marketers have realized the fact that billboard advertising and many other types of conventional marketing strategies are quite limited and that’s why they came up with something more powerful and more influential —taxi advertising.

The advertisements are displayed on customized taxis that feature the message of your company, printed on high quality vinyl decals or roof top LED displays. This form of advertising is proven to be effective and advantageous in a lot of ways, here are just a few:

Taxi advertising can reach greater audience.

It can be quite easy for people to avoid print, radio or TV advertisements. The one of the main advantages of this form of advertising is the fact that seeing it is inevitable. Since your audience is exposed to such type of advertising, your advertisement will have a higher level of visibility. The traffic routes that the taxis will be passing through will allow a lot of people will see your company message day after day. Because of this, your advert will reach a wider and more diverse audience.

Taxi advertising has higher message visibility.

This form of advertising is all about frequency. Since taxis go around the city on a daily basis, people see your company message frequently, even if it is only for a short period of time. Repetitive exposure to your advertisement means the recognition of your brand will be significantly increased.

Taxi advertising is a useful marketing tool.

This type of advertising increases customer awareness like no other form of advertising can do. However, taxi advertising will be even more effective when combined with other types of advertising such as online, print and media advertisements.

Taxi advertising grabs the attention of a lot of people.

In order to catch attention of the people in the streets, you need to come up with an attractive way to show off your message; this can be done by using colourful and bold designs that will reinforce your branding. When you make use of quality vinyl decals, you can surely catch the attention of passers-by as well as the other motorists.

Taxi advertising is flexible.

The marketing options of taxi advertising is not limited. With this form of advertising, you will be able to personalize and customize the design of your advertisement to match the branding of your company, as well as the messages that you wish to display. Regardless of what marketing goals you wish to achieve (promote a product, strengthen brand recognition or promote offers), you can easily customize the advertisements to suit your needs. 

With all these amazing benefits, what could be better than taxi advertising?

• Advertising has long been an established business strategy, enabling sellers to promote their goods and services and attract the attention of buyers. Taxi advertising is a marketing strategy with high levels of recall, reaching a local, business and tourist audience from airports, hotels, convention centres, sporting events, shopping centres, bars and restaurants. Taxi advertising in the United Kingdom has reached a notable height in cities such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and many other major cities and towns.• As taxis fulfil their primary role of transporting their passengers to a given destination, they are actually seen by many thousands of people. Therefore, eye-level taxi adverts are both cost effective and an efficient means of delivering a marketing message. Taxi advertisements not only attract the attention of the person entering the taxi, but they are also seen by other commuters and individuals passing by.

• The height of the advertisements on taxi roof tops is exactly at eye-level, which allows them to be constantly viewed by consumers. Taxis are also driven 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, all over the nation. This means that consumers are constantly being exposed to the advertisements on the roof top of taxis at all hours of the day.

• These advertisements can be seen by consumers of every demographic and ensures that all types of consumers of different geographic and socioeconomic locations have the same opportunity of viewing an advertisement. Taxis are also most commonly active in crowded areas or cities where shopping is prevalent. This is an effective way to lead consumers to buying a specific product.


Taxi advertising has the lowest cost per thousand impressions because of how cheap it is relative to the amount of people who see it.

Taxis are close to your customers, they are you brand ambassadors

Everyone uses taxis, and taxis go everywhere, hence they have a much broader reach than other out of home advertising formats.

Taxis Go Every Where

Look around you. Taxis make thousands of journeys every day, carrying a multitude of passengers - your potential customers. 

Eye-Level View

Not only do taxi advertisements get the attention of the person getting into the cab, but they are also seen by commuters and passers-by.

Reach Large Demographics

Taxi advertisements can be seen by consumers of every demographic. This ensures that all types of consumers of different geographic and socioeconomic locations...

Great for Branding

According to recent studies, consumers recall products and advertisers best with taxi top advertising. Taxi top advertisements allow repetitive exposure to..

Skina Media Taxi Advertising System

Skina Media offer an extremely cost effective advertising solution throughout the Isle of Man. Taxi advertising is beneficial for businesses of all sizes, from small local retailers, restaurants, bars, hotels and high street stores through to large national and multinational companies such as banks, solicitors, estate agents, travel agents, internet and mobile phone service providers. Below is a list of some of the main advantages that our taxi roof top advertising system offers.

Advantages of taxi advertising with Skina Media.

Cost Effective

 Taxi advertising has one of the lowest CPM rates compared to other advertising options available. CPM (cost per mille) is a marketing term used to define the cost per thousand impressions, the cost of your advert being seen by 1,000 people..
   Taxi advertising offers one of the highest ROI rates. Due to the high number of impressions achieved by taxi advertising the return on invest is considerably higher than other forms of advertising.


Roof top taxi adverts can be designed and created to fit in with your existing marketing campaigns.
 The use of LED display panels means that your advert can be changed almost instantly without incurring extra costs. You can also run different adverts at different times of the day.
Our Flexiside adverts allow you to change parts of your advert to suit new seasons, trends, products or offers.
Taxi advertising campaigns can be tailored to suit all budgets. Your advertisement can be on 1 taxi or 100 taxis, the campaign can run for 1 month or 1 year.

Demographic Reach

Unlike many other forms of advertising which are static, taxis are mobile. Taxis are on the road 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are used by a diverse range of people such as businessmen and women, tourists, students, shoppers amongst others.
Taxis are prominent in the busiest and most popular locations, they travel around city centres, along main roads and through heavy traffic. It is not only the people using the taxi that will see your advert, but also everyone else in these areas.
Taxi roof top adverts are at eyelevel, this significantly increases their visibility. Our bright coloured LED displays can be seen by pedestrians, passers-by as well as cyclists and other motorists.
Taxi advertising can be highly targeted. Due to taxi licensing laws, they can only pick up a fare in their registered borough, a taxi advertising campaign can target a specific area far more effectively than most other forms of advertising..

Increased Brand awareness

With taxi advertising your advert will constantly be displayed to your target audience which increases consumer exposure to your brand, products, services or special offers.
  Research shows that repetitive exposure to taxi adverts has a significant impact on consumer behaviour. At the time of purchase, consumers subconsciously relate to brands and products which they have previously seen.
Incorporating taxi advertising into a multichannel marketing campaign, combining radio, print, online and social media adverts will further increase the success of the campaign. 
  Taxi advertising is a great public relations tool which can be harnessed to deliver consumer engaging marketing messages, to not only build brand awareness but also to encourage consumers to relate to your brand and products. Overtime, this type of PR builds consumer trust.  

Skina Media taxi advertising solutions.

taxi advertising Isle of Man

Taxi roof top advertising

Our innovative digital roof top advertising system allows you to promote your business to a wider audience by presenting your marketing message on our roof mounted LED display system. 

taxi advertising door-step

Taxi roof sign title sponsor (named right)

A very cost effective, long-term brand building opportunity. 
Delivers a high impact campaign on each taxi.Extremely cost effective and 100% brand exclusive.

Advertising taxi  Isle of Man

Doorstep adverts

Taxi doorstep adverts are a great way to attract attention, combined with some of our other taxi advertising options they deliver significant results. They are always seen by passengers as they enter and exit the taxi. Watch the step! 

Advertising Taxi searcover Isle of Man

Seat cover panels

Seat cover panels place your advert directly in front of the passengers. This type of advert placement is an ideal opportunity for delivering a deeper message, with more information about what your company offers and a call to action. 

Skina Media taxi advertising


Present your advert directly into the hands of taxi passengers. Extend the reach of your marketing message with a receipt advert incorporating a call to action or a special offer.
Creative design formats and double-sided printing options are available.

Skina Media taxi advertising

Leaflet dispenser

Give passengers more in depth information about your company and the products or services you offer in the form of a leaflet. This type of advertising gives the passenger the opportunity to read it on their journey and take away with them.

Skina Media taxi advertising

Internal door banner

Present your brand advert on the inside of taxi doors. Your prominently placed advert will be seen by passenger as they enter and exit the taxi.

Skina Media taxi advertising solutions

Taxi wrap adverts

Taxi wrap adverts are custom designed vinyl signs that cover either the whole taxi or part of it. Skina Media have several taxi wrap advertising options available: